The regions own and run Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark.

The Directors of Health in the five regions function as highest level of decision and constitute the national steering committee. The Directors of Health establish the frame budget for Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark and decide how fast new biobanks are going to be include into the structure.

The steering committee for Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark will facilitate collaboration between the parties, develop the structure and approve joint policies, annual reports etc. as stated in the Reference.

The regions and the universities hold seats in the steering committee as well as director of Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark, the chairperson of Organization of Danish Medical Societies and a representative from Statens Serum Institut.

For each area of biobanks, the regions constitute technical advisory board. Note that the Patobank has a supervisory board instead of a technical advisory board.  

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark

The steering committee

See an overview of all members of the steering committee for Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark (in Danish) 



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