About Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark works towards creating a solid foundation for research in Denmark so we in the future have the opportunity to tailor treatment of patients even better and avoid inadequate medicine. We want to make more research possible by consistently improving the framework for research in Denmark.

We want to offer guidance and services that provide tools to ease completion of research in Denmark.

The aim is to create a joint infrastructure within the field of biobanks. Internationally seen Denmark has a strong position in this field. The strong position is partly due to a long tradition of close collaboration between private companies and public hospitals I Denmark. Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark wants to contribute to strengthened the collaboration between hospitals and companies further and ensure that we have an even more targeted treatment of patients.

An area that is particularly of interest in the public-private collaboration is development of so-called “biomarkers”. Biomarkers can show whether a patient will benefit of a given medical treatment. Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark wants to assist researchers interested in biomarkers with required facilities.        

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In 2009, the Danish Cancer Biobank (DCB) was founded based on a rapport form The Danish Cancer Society from 2005.

The Danish Regions decided to establish the Danish Reuma Biobank (DRB) in 2014 and in 2015, the Pato Biobank that has existed since 1999 became a part of the structure. 

Today Bio and Genome Bank Denmark consists of:

  • Danish Cancer Biobank (DCB)
  • Danish Reuma Biobank (DRB)
  • Danish Genetic Biobank (DGB)
  • Danish Blood Donor Biobank (DBB)
  • The Pato Biobank

The biobanks are a national collaboration between (public) hospital departments.

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The regions own and run Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark.

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The National Secretariat for Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark serves all of the biobanks and is located at the department of pathology, Herlev Hospital.