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Prehospital services in Denmark - general information

Danish emergency medical services have changed substantially during the last two decades.

Traditionally, emergency medical services in Denmark have focused on safe and comfortable transport to the nearest hospital. Today, the EMS provides highly specialized prehospital care and is increasingly integrated with other healthcare services.

Highly specialized ambulance staff, adequately equipped emergency vehicles and the availability of helicopter emergency medical services implies that treatment will often begin at the scene and continue during transportation.

The emergency medical dispatch center is the "gatekeeper" to emergency care and ensures effective coordination and seamless cooperation between the dispatch center, the ambulance services, and the emergency department.

The Danish Emergency Medical Services includes several cross-disciplinary emergency functions:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Centers (112)
  • Dispatch and control centers for ambulances and Helicopter Emergency Medical Services 
  • Mobile critical care units 
  • Medical call centers for referral and admission to emergency departments, admission to hospitals, and medical advice services for all citizens
  • Out-of-hours primary care services, including home visits by physicians
  • Prehospital psychiatric care units

In 2017 there were:

  • 1.7 million acute cases in Danish hospitals
  • More than 3 million calls to regional medical helplines
  • Over 700,000 ambulance and hospitalized transports - more than 9 out of 10 ambulances arrive within 15 minutes.

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