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To be renewed: Danish ambulance service contracts

Over the next years, current ambulance service contracts are coming to conclusion in all five Danish regions. New contracts will be awarded after a public procurement process with an open tender, creating possibilities for new suppliers in the area.

Efficient ambulance services play an increasingly vital role in Denmarks healthcare system. In 2018, around 700.000 ambulance and hospitalized transports were carried out across all five regions. Today more than 9 out of 10 acute ambulances arrive within 15 minutes.

Ambulance services in Denmark are provided by both private and public suppliers.

Denmark’s five regions are responsible for the procurement and provision of ambulance services. Annual expenditures for ambulance services in Denmark amount to approximately 1.9 billion DKK (equal to around 255 million EUR).

Overview of the regions' current ambulance contracts and extension options

Table of the regions' current ambulance contracts and extension options


In the near future, current ambulance services contracts are due for renewal and public tendering in all Danish regions.

In order to secure quality, modern and efficient services in the future, it is vital that the forthcoming tendering proces are open to competition in order to ensure the best possible suppliers for the services.

This website provides relevant information on ambulance services in Denmark, regulation concerning this area and the tendering processes and responsibilities in each region. 

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The links below provide access to information on topics relating to ambulance services in each region, current contracts, renewal and public tendering processes etc.

Facts and figures

The Danish healthcare system is a public system based on the principle of equal and free access to healthcare for all citizens. The vast majority of healthcare services in Denmark is financed by taxes.

Denmark has a population of approximately 5.8 million people and covers an area of 43.100 KM2.

Ambulance services is a crucial part of Denmark's comprehensive emergency medical services. Prehospital services in Denmark encompass a number of cross-disciplinary emergency functions. These functions include:

  • Emergency Medical Dispatch Centers (112)
  • Dispatch and control centers for ambulances
  • Helicopter emergency medical services 
  • Mobile critical care units
  • Medical call centers for referral and admission to emergency departments, admission to hospitals, and medical advice services for all citizens
  • Out-of-hours primary care services, including home visits by physicians
  • Prehospital psychiatric care units