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Current ambulance contracts - duration and options for prolongation

Over the next years, the existing ambulance contracts of the regions will expire. In the forthcoming tenders, there will be a need to explore new options in order to enhance competition on ambulance services.

In 2003, The Danish Complaints Board for Public Procurement established, that ambulance services are subject to public tendering in situations, in which the responsible public body (i.e. a region) chooses not to provide these services themselves. Subsequently and after 2003 ambulance services in Denmark have been publicly tendered twice.

The experience of the tenders has been that new entrants have had difficulties in bidding for the Danish ambulance services, as well as a reduction in the number of private operators on the market. Today, approximately 70-80 per cent of Danish ambulance services are provided by one private supplier.

Overview of the regions' current ambulance contracts and extension options

Ambulanceskema gældende for 2014 til 2015