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Biobanks in Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark

The aim for Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark is to create one point of entry for biological material in Denmark that is secure and easy.


Denmark has many biobanks that collect and store biological material from patients, which is suitable for present and future research projects. 

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark stores biological tests in biobank centers and in local departments. The biobank centers are responsible for managing all the tests in their own region, and they make agreements with the local hospital departments that manage blood- and tissue collections. This is organized in this manner in order to secure the collections of tests in all of Denmark and in order to exploit the large-scale economics behind this.

Many biobanks are at the moment applying for admission in Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark.

The center function for new biobanks/type of diseases will primarily be placed at hospitals where center functions already exist. The Directors of Health in the regions will identify the placement of the center function to ensure alignment with patient treatment etc.

You can find more information about each biobank by following the links below. Here you will be directed to the biobanks’ own webpages where you can find more information about each area of expertise.