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Research beneficial for future patients

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark stores biological materials, e.g. as blood samples. In this way, we can make better research and create more targeted treatment that will benefit future patients but also our children and grandchildren.

In Denmark, we have optimal possibilities to create better health for future generations due to our unique registers, databases and biobanks combined with the organization of our health care sector. The regions want to support this work by securing one joint entrance to biobanks in Denmark.      

A biobank is a collection of blood- or tissue samples, urine and synovial fluid that are appropriate and correctly stored according to current legislation. 

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark

Tissue- and blood samples are some of the most valuable gifts we can give the future generations. The regions want to make sure that collection, storage and use of these samples are desirable and secure to they can be most beneficial for future patients and their treatment.

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark stores blood- and tissue samples form Danish patients and citizens. The biobank uses the material in research within different areas of diseases. Your blood and tissue are of great value for researchers’ work with development of new diagnostics and treatment.

This video shows the biobank at Herlev Hospital and how examinations of tissue can improve the treatment of patients with breast cancer:

How we operate

When you enter the hospital to get a blood sample taken or a surgery done, we ask you if we may store your blood sample and possibly tissue sample in one of our biobanks. In Denmark, we are very careful with citizens' and patients' health information. Therefore, we register and store your sample according to the Danish Data Protection Agency procedures, which also means that we handle your personal information fully confidential.

The National Committee on Health Research Ethics and the Danish Data Protection Agency approve all research projects before we provide with samples from the biobank. This means that impartial experts review the quality of the research project in which your information potentially are included to make sure that the project lives up to Danish law and a good ethical codex.       

Participation is voluntary. You always have the opportunity to extract your permission without further explanation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.