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The Danish COVID-19 vaccination programme

Denmark started vaccinating against COVID-19 on December 27th, 2020. The five regions in Denmark have played a big part in the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccination programme. The regions are partly responsible for the distribution and transportation of the vaccines and responsible for vaccinating the population.

The Danish Health Authorities recommend vaccination against COVID-19 as it provides high protection against becoming infected and ill with COVID-19.

You are entitled to a COVID-19 vaccine if you have registered residence in Denmark. People living abroad but covered by health insurance in Denmark and people staying temporarily in Denmark (for a minimum of 30 days) are also entitled to a vaccine.

All citizens in Denmark over the age of 5 can be vaccinated against COVID-19 (1st and 2nd vaccine shot). Vaccination is free of charge and voluntary.

All citizens over the age of 18 can be revaccinated with a 3rd (booster) vaccine shot 140 (approximately 4½ months) after their 2nd vaccine shot.

The five regions have set up vaccination centers across the country where the majority of people are vaccinated. However it is also possible to get vaccinated at some local general practitioners and pharmacies. People who need assistance getting to and from a vaccination center or their general practitioner will be offered assistance by their local municipality.

Notification and booking

Most people are notified via e-Boks when it is their turn to be offered vaccination against COVID-19. People who are exempt from receiving Digital Post will get a letter.

A centrally controlled visitation system ensures that citizens who are entitled to a vaccine are offered vaccination. Denmark does have a relatively high level of digital infrastructure, which helps to organize the rollout of the Danish COVID-19 vaccination programme.

When people receive an invitation to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they will also receive more information about the vaccine and how to book time slots for the injections.

If you are over 18 and more than 140 days have passed since your second vaccine shot, and you have not yet received an invitation for a booster vaccine shot via your e-Boks, you can log on to vacciner.dk to see if you can book an appointment.

On the Danish Health Authority’s website you can calculate when you can have the third (booster) vaccine shot against COVID-19: Danish Health Authority's vaccine calculater (sst.dk)

For further information visit your local regional website: