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Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark

A biobank is a collection of biological material (e.g. blood and tissue) that is stored according to applicable law. 

In Denmark, we have the best opportunities to increase health through the use of health data in science and treatment. We can target treatment and prevent many illnesses for the future generations using health data. This is due to our unique registers, data and bio banks combined with the organization of our health care system. The regions wish to support this work by making one point of entry to the biobanks in Denmark.

Danmarkskort der viser hvor centerfunktionen til biobankerne placeres

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark wants to

  • Create one national Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark
  • Be a cornerstone within Danish health science as Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark
  • Be an attractive partner nationally as well as internationally
  • Be the one point of entry for biological material in Denmark
  • Be responsible for biological material of high quality
  • Continue to build on the corporation with the National Bio Bank at Statens Serum Institut

Personalized Medicine

Personalized Medicine is a particular political focus for the regions.

Bio- and Genome Bank Denmark is a part of providing the foundation for the development of Personalized Medicine. Personalized Medicine is treatment that can be customized for every single patient through his or her genetic information.